The Spooler

If you're the type of angler who regularly fishes a two fly setup, you tend to use lots of tippet material. You are also likely to carry multiple spools of tippet and know what a pain hunting around in your vest for the right spool can be. It makes good sense to have them all together in a way they can be accessed easily.


Have you ever bought one of those tippet dispensers that you load the tippet onto? We have. Several of them in fact. Our overall dissatisfaction led to the creation of The Spooler™. This design really works and has a real western look and feel to it. It is simple to load and easily adjusts to fit as many or as few spools as you want. The top concho cinches down to keep your tippet spools from rattling around and quiet. When you need tippet, simply spool off what you need. It's handy.


We feel our Wyoming-made Spooler™ is the most practical tippet management system available. The Spooler™ makes you more efficient by giving you instant access to your tippet spools allowing you to rebuild your fig fast after being abused during a big trout "rodeo".

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